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Lighter, More Compact Communications Mast/Antenna Now Available With Longer Range Transmission

Darley Defense Offers Combination Shakespeare Panther Mast and AR Modular RF AR-20KT Amp

Bothell, WA — April 8, 2015 —For troops on the move, there is an ultra-lightweight alternative to heavy, cumbersome communications mast/antennas. The Shakespeare Panther Mast is not only significantly lighter and more compact (as light as 4 lbs.), it enables the operator to deploy LOS (Line of Sight) communications assets in as little as one minute. No tools are required.

Darley Defense is now offering the Panther Mast in combination with AR Modular RF’s AR-20KT booster amplifier to extend the transmission range. This combination package provides ultimate portability, and quick and easy operation with long-range, two-way communication.

Panther Mast Kit
The Panther Mast Kit was designed to provide increased communications range while lightening a load of forces conducting initial entry, by providing a more compact solution designed for (but not limited to) Air Assault, Forcible Entry, Time Sensitive Target, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance type operations.

The AR-20KT is a 20W portable, fully automatic band-switching RF booster amplifier that covers the 30 – 512 MHz frequency range. The unit is designed for use with the latest modern networking formats like ANW2, WNW, and SRW. It also includes Voltage Spike Suppression, Over Temperature Protection, RF sensing, T/R Switching, Automatic Level Control (ALC), Harmonic Filters, Co-Site filters, and protection against antenna mismatch. The AR-20 also has a built-in internal LNA that can be switched on or off by the front panel switch to improve SATCOM receive performance.

The AR-20KT weighs just 2 lbs 15 oz.

Although the Panther Mast and the AR-20KT are available as a complete package, Darley Defense can customize them to your needs. For example, if a longer mast or signal boosting is needed, Darley can provide everything required. The package comes in a custom carrying case to make portability even easier.

Entire Kit Available With One Part Number
Michael Katzer, General Sales Manager for AR Modular RF notes that “AR Modular RF is excited to be partnering with both Darley Defense and Shakespeare on their new Panther Mast Kit. This new kit, which includes the mast, antenna, and our AR-20 or KMW1031 booster amplifier, not only gives the end user a distinct advantage in terms of size and weight and improved LOS communications, it allows the end-user to get everything required with one single part number. End-users find great value in being able to purchase a well-thought-out kit that includes products from three vetted companies with years and years of excellent product offerings and support for our military forces. AR Modular RF greatly values this partnership and understands the importance of being able to once again support our military forces with a great product offering which helps improve field communications.”

Darley Defense Regional Sales Manager Mario Cockrell adds “This capability is long-awaited by those DoD organizations seeking to lighten the load of forces infiltrating via parachute, who are currently jumping with the much heavier military issued antennas. Both the 3m/5m variants of the Panther Mast/amp combinations will increase the FM communications for all units within and outside the lodgment/beachhead area of operations.”

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