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Matthew Faletti
General Manager
For immediate release

AR Modular RF announces a New “AR-RBT” Remote Bias-T to Support Their Military Tactical Booster Amplifiers

AR-RBTBothell, WA — February 25, 2014 —AR Modular RF, a world class manufacturer and solution provider of RF amplifiers, systems and modules, has released their new model “AR-RBT” Remote Bias-T in support of existing Military Warfighter requirements.

The AR Modular RF new model “AR-RBT” Remote Bias-T combines RF signals and DC power onto a single coax cable. This allows a warfighter to use his single KMW1031 (20 watt), AR-50 (50 watt) or AR-75 (75 watt) power amplifier to be boldly located remotely using a single RF coax cable. The new model “AR-RBT” Bias-T therefore eliminates the need to transport multiple heavy copper DC power lines to the remote amplifier. Further advantages of locating the amplifier remotely at the antenna is to improve the PA’s output power (by reducing line loss) and increasing the performance of the Low Noise Amplifier at the antenna which will improve the transmit power and receive noise figure. The AR-RBT is a compact, lightweight tactical low loss Bias Tee designed and built to withstand hostile environments where dependable mission critical communications is essential. The new “AR-RBT” Remote Bias-T outperforms all expectations with a dependable treated aluminum enclosure meeting IP67 standards and aggressively handling up to 1000V-voltage spikes during thunder storms.

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