Remote Bias Tee

Flexible system configuration, stronger signals, improved communications. Designed for use with the AR-50 and AR-75 families of Tactical Booster Amplifiers, the AR-RBT (Remote Bias Tee) combines RF signals (Tx/Rx) and DC power onto a single coax cable. By combining signals, AR Modular RF amplifiers can be co-located with the antenna, separated from both the host transceiver radio and power supply, providing a flexible system design resulting in optimum performance. In addition to a cleaner, more efficient installation, co-locating the amplifier with the antenna minimizes transmit power loss and maximizes receiver performance, all while using a single power supply without being forced to make any sacrifices for either antenna or radio location. Built to withstand harsh environments, the AR-RBT is IP67 rated and is constructed with treated aluminum. The unit can withstand up to a 1000V-voltage spike on the coaxial line. A complete AR-RBT setup required two units.