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Video: AR-20 LOS Quickstart Guide

Video: AR-20 LOS Full Instructions

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Video: AR-20 LOS and SATCOM Full Instructions

Video: AR Modular RF’s AR-5010

NIGHTHAWK Fast Switching

NIGHTHAWK is the first booster in AR Modular RFs new line of fast-switching amplifiers. Featuring an innovative, digital domain architecture, AR Modular RF fast switching amplifiers are designed to support the modern, fast T/R switching digital communications protocols employed by the leading tactical radios. With the turnkey, fully automatic operation, NIGHTHAWK performance is unmatched.

Airwalk MUOS Amplifier Module

The AR Modular RF MUOS Amplifier Module is a two-port device offering full-duplex operation with amplification in both the transmit and receive paths. The module is a sub-system designed for customer integration into a radio system where requirements demand more power than offered by a base or tactical radio alone. Situations and systems for which… Continue reading Airwalk MUOS Amplifier Module


The Model KMW3434 is a class AB linear amplifier with fast on/off timing and provides in excess of 30 Watts CW output power into a 50 Ohm load. The module is designed for OEM applications or integration into a user system. The module features: Monitored forward and reflected detected output, Over-temperature protection; and interface connector… Continue reading KMW3434