AR Modular RF’s KMA2040T is an amplifier module intended for OEM applications or integration into a user system. The module is comprised of a PCBA encased in an aluminum enclosure. Terminals are provided for external power, control, and monitoring, including a standard TTL drive for blanking. Cooling and deviceprotection is the responsibility of the user.


AR Modular RF’s KMW2040-M20 is the next generation of legacy amplifier KMW2040-M17. The amplifier is built, tested, and sold as a system, including an off-the-shelf filter, external RF cable, and cable harness for unit interface and control. The following specifications apply to amplifier Model KMW2040-M20 – a custom AR Modular RF amplifier integrated with an… Continue reading KMW2040-M20

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Video: AR-20 LOS and SATCOM Full Instructions

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Airwalk MUOS Amplifier Module

The AR Modular RF MUOS Amplifier Module is a two-port device offering full-duplex operation with amplification in both the transmit and receive paths. The module is a sub-system designed for customer integration into a radio system where requirements demand more power than offered by a base or tactical radio alone. Situations and systems for which… Continue reading Airwalk MUOS Amplifier Module