500 W, Pulse, 1 - 50 MHz, RF Amplifier, 19" Rack Mount

The Model KAA4020P is a wideband RF pulse amplifier. The KAA4020P is a Class AB linear amplifier capable of 500 Watts pulsed output power into a 50-Ohm load over the frequency range of 1 MHz to 50 MHz. Power gain is 57 dB minimum. GPIB control is possible with the optional IEEE488.2/RS232 Interface Controller Module. The system features forward and reflected power indication on a front panel-mounted, analog meter; Automatic Level Control (ALC); RF gain control; overdrive protection; full VSWR protection; input blanking, and over-temperature protection. These features, plus remote power on/off control, are also accessible for remote operation through a 25-pin, D-subminiature connector mounted on the rear panel. For a detailed description of these features refer to “



The Model KAA4020P is a 19-inch rack-mount unit, 8¾ inches high and 26½ inches deep. Construction is completely modular and all subassemblies are easily removable. Forced-air cooling is provided by a highly reliable impeller fan mounted on the rear panel. The unit uses a switching-type power supply module and operates from 95-265 Vac, 47-63 Hz line. The system may be placed in ‘stand-by’ mode with the BLANKING switch, which greatly reduces energy consumption and heat generation.