20 W, 1 - 512 MHz, RF Amplifier

The Model KAW1040 is a general-purpose, wideband RF power amplifier for signals in the 1 MHz to 512 MHz frequency range. No tuning, band switching, or adjustments of any kind are required to operate this unit. Power output is in excess of 20 Watts into a 50-Ohm load. Power gain is a minimum of 43 dB making the amplifier compatible with drive power levels provided by most commercially available signal generators. The construction of this model is in a 5¼-inch high cabinet, 14½ inches deep, exclusive of handles, and 11½ inches wide. It is intended for bench-top use but may be supplied with a 19-in rack mounting kit installed. Input and output connectors are N-type female and are located on the front. Forced-air cooling is by a highly reliable, tube-axial fan mounted at the rear. Protection against excessive heat rise of the amplifier module heatsink is by a temperature-sensing switch that interrupts the gate bias supply to the amplifier devices when activated. Operation resumes automatically when the temperature has returned to normal operating temperature.