AR-FS-20U Fast Switching

AR-FS-20U is the first booster in AR Modular RFs new line of fast switching amplifiers. Fast Switching Series 225-450 MHz, 20 WATTS CW/PEP

Enhanced battlefield communications are achieved with the latest MANET waveforms and AR Modular RF’s Fast Switching Series of tactical booster amplifiers. Operating in the 225 to 450 MHz UHF range, the AR-FS-20U unit provides 20 Watts output power across the band. Supporting fully automatic T/R Switching in less than 2 μs and harmonic suppression, the unit continues AR Modular RFs long standing tradition of building rugged and reliable radio agnostic amplifiers.

The AR-FS-20U amplifier is set up for easy operation with minimum operator intervention for rapid deployment. A wide range of available RF input powers and DC Voltages, make the amplifier flexible for vehicle, drop kit, and airborne applications.

Extending the range and quality of tactical radios has never been easier.