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125 Watts PEP, 30 - 512 MHz, Tx/Rx 19" Rack Mount Booster Amplifier.
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The Model AR-125R is a multi-band, fully automatic RF booster amplifier for use with VHF/UHF Tactical Radio equipment and supports legacy, proprietary and emerging networking waveforms including SINCGARS, HPW, HAVEQUICK, DAMA, IW, SRW and ANW2. The amplifier includes RF sensing, automatic T/R switching, Automatic Level Control (ALC), automatically switched harmonic filters and protection against antenna mismatch and over-temperature. The AR-125R can be ordered to operate from either an AC or DC source. The unit is self-cooling for heavy or light tactical communications, regardless of the modulation format transmitted, and packaged in a 2RU 19 rack mountable chassis.

Product Highlights:

  • Radio Vendor independent design, single and multi-band radio compatible with just an RF and power connections
  • Operates independently or under remote control (GUI  over Ethernet)
  • Built to meet MIL-STD-461
  • Optional remote SATCOM Low Noise Amplifier system operated over the RF coaxial cable via a remote bias tee
  • Compatible with 5 to 20 Watt tactical radios

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