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1000 Watts, Pulse, 500 kHz - 5.5 MHz, RF Amplifier, 19" Rack Mount
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The Model KAA5170P is a wideband RF pulse amplifier capable of 1,000 Watts from 0.5 to 5.5 MHz. The amplifier requires a maximum 0dBm (1mW) to achieve this power level. This is a power gain of 60 dB minimum. The amplifier is fully gated and blanked to virtually eliminate the amplifier_s output noise (-154dBm/Hz) when gated off.

The system features: 1,000 Watts pulsed output power; Automatic Level Control (ALC); RF gain control is available as an option; overdrive protection; full VSWR protection; input blanking; two speed fan operation for minimal noise reduction in most circumstances, and over-temperature protection. Simple operation requires no operator interaction allowing for completely remote operation.

The Model KAA5170P is contained in a single 8.75-inch Standard 19 inch EIA chassis suitable for either tabletop or rack mount operation. Construction is completely modular; all subassemblies are removable. Highly tube-axial fans provide forced-air cooling. The amplifier operates from 187-265 AC, 47-63 Hz line.

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