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AR Modular RF Products Help The World Communicate, Keep Troops Safe, Protect Our Country, And Have Endless Commercial Applications

AR Modular RF designs, manufactures and distributes some of the most innovative, dependable, and durable RF amplifier modules and broadband solid state RF amplifier systems in the world. These products play a critical role in wireless and radio communications, military communications, electronic warfare, electronic countermeasures, homeland security, and have a variety of medical, scientific, and industrial applications.

  • RF amplifier modules: 0.01 to 6000 MHz, 5 to 500 watts
  • Broadband, narrowband and custom designs available
  • Amplifier systems: 0.01 to 6000 MHz, 5 to 3000 watts
  • Military Amplifier Systems and accessories
  • Booster amplifiers and RF Jammer amplifiers for tactical military radios from 30 to 512 MHz and from 1.2 to 1.9 GHz
  • Power Amplifiers For Legacy Communication designs as well as Virtually Every New & Emerging Communications System